Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Year 6 Cross Country Competition

On Tuesday 5th November 12 children from Year 6 represented the school in a cross country competition at Daisy Farm Park.

The children were split into three races: boys race A, girls race A and mixed B race. Four boys and four girls ran in the two A races, with everybody else running in the B race.

In the boys race the boys finished in 5th, 6th, 11th and 12th to give a combined score of 33 points. In the girls race the girls finished in 7th, 10th, 15th and 18th to give a combined score of 50 points. This meant that overall Chilcote scored a total of 83 points.

In the B race the Chilcote children finished in 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th place - a great achievement!

This meant that in the A competition Chilcote finished in third place overall. Well done to all of the children involved on a great night of running!

5th Allens Croft 116
4th Bells Farm 89
3rd Chilcote 83
2nd Hollywood 67
1st Kings Norton 65 

Friday, 11 October 2019

We are Internet Legends!

Today we were fortunate enough for Google and ParentZone to visit our school and talk to us about being safe online. They led a fantastic assembly and taught us the importance of staying safe when we are using the internet. We took a visit or Interland and explored the five following pillars:

  • Be Internet Sharp: This taught us what we can and can't share online and we thought about others feelings. 
  • Be Internet Alert: We looked at scams online known as 'phishing' and thought about the information we share. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Be Internet Secure: We learnt how to keep our passwords safe and looked a not using easy to guess passwords.
  • Be Internet Kind: We learnt how to be kind online. We should always be kind to people we meet online just like we should be kind to them in real life. 
  • Be Internet Brave: We now know how to take a stand online and report or block people when they upset us. We also looked at the importance of speaking to parents/carers or anyone who looks after us at home if we feel unsafe online.

We were told that children can play a great game online provided by Google to refresh their minds on these at any time. They can access the game here:

After, we discussed how we were going to stay safe online in the future and the children were full of great ideas! Remember, use what you have learnt today to keep yourself safe!

Monday, 9 September 2019

Visit from the Music Service String Group

On Friday 6th September, Years 1-6 enjoyed a visit and performance from 7 string teachers from the Birmingham  Music Service. They played a variety of different styles of music and talked to us about why they enjoyed playing their particular instruments. 
Nicholas helped them play one particular piece by playing a steady beat for them to play along with. Well done Nicholas.
It was very inspiring and enjoyable. Thank you very much to Miss Hobbs and Mrs Mulenga- our string teachers, for organising such a super concert. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Junior Choir at Symphony hall

On Tuesday 16th July, Junior Choir, accompanied by Mrs Drew,Mrs Bundy, Mrs Rafter and Mrs Thomas, had a fantastic afternoon rehearsal and evening concert at Symphony hall as part of the Birmingham School`s Youth Proms.
We sang with over 350 other children from Birmingham Primary schools and had the opportunity to listen to and watch performances from the Junior Strings ensemble, the Azad Dhol group, the Training Wind orchestra, the Guitar ensemble and the Wind Orchestra.
 We have been working hard learning the songs for a few months prior to the concert and were praised by Ruth the Head of the Vocal team running the event, as well as one of the conductors - so well done Chilcote! You all sang beautifully and enthusiastically and were super representatives of our school. Thank you very much to Mrs Bundy, Mrs Drew and Mrs Rafter for their support and practical help as well as their lovely singing. 
What a great end to the year for Junior Choir! 

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Summer School Games

On Friday 12th July 2019 ten children from Year 5 and nine children from Year 6 represented the school in a Year 5 Kwik Cricket competition and a Year 6 mixed handball competition. 

Both of these competitions were part of the Birmingham School Summer Games and the teams qualified courtesy of winning their local partnership events. 

The cricketers played four group games. They won three of those games quite comfortably and only conceded fourteen runs. The fielding and bowling was simply superb. The other game was an incredible match between two very good schools. Chilcote unfortunately lost the game by one run (209-210)! The school they played went on to win the whole competition so shows how close Chilcote came. 

The handballers played five group games and despite having a slow start in terms of their performance won all five games and qualified for the semi finals of the competition.

The cricketers finished second in their group and played the school who finished second in the other group in the third and fourth place play-off. Chilcote bowled first and redtricted the other team to a score of 198 (they started on 200). Chilcote just needed to be sensible in their batting and not throw their wickets away. This is exactly what they did, Batting a very mature and risk free innings to score a total of 236 runs. Therefore they finished in third place in the whole of Birmingham - a wonderful achievement!

The handballers had a tough semi-final match but took the lead early on and despite the other team keeping close to them they managed to always keep the lead in the scoring. They made it slightly more comfortable towards the end and ended up winning by 5 goals to 3. Thus they qualified for the final. They had a very tough match against an unbeaten opponent in the final and unfortunately for Chilcote it was just a step too far. They lot the game 4v1 but gave everything. Still they finished as the second best school in Birmingham for handball which is a remarkable achievement!!!

Well done to all of the children involved who, as always represented the school superbly well and gave everything to the Chilcote cause!!!

Friday, 12 July 2019

Health Week in Year 1

Year 1 have had a super week this week. We have really enjoyed joining in with wake up shake up in the mornings and during the week we have taken part in a huge variety of activities.

On Monday, we had a brilliant trip to the allotments. We saw all sorts of plants and found out about how different foods we eat grow. There were beans, peas, apples, carrots and lots of flowers. We also spotted some of the insects and mini beasts we have been learning about in our 'Flowers and Insects' topic.

On Tuesday, we baked some delicious oat and honey biscuits. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Colin the Bee Keeper last week and we learnt all about where honey comes from. We enjoyed tasting it in our cooking!

Here is a copy of the recipe we used:

Serves: 15
100 grams porridge oats
100 grams flour 100 grams caster sugar 100 grams butter 1 tablespoon honey

1.Mix oats and flour.
2.Gently melt butter, sugar and syrup or honey in a pan. Combine well and then using 2 spoons form into balls evenly spaced on lined baking trays.
3.Dampen a spoon and press each ball lightly.
4.Bake for 15-20 mins til golden brown at 180. They will harden a little more when cooling so don't overcook.
5.When out of the oven remove to a cooling rack after about ten mins.

On Wednesday, Tom kindly brought his ambulance to Chilcote and we learnt about being a paramedic. We measured Millie's heart rate and talked about how to contact the emergency services. Tom also showed us inside the ambulance and put on the lights and sirens for us. Thank you Tom!

On Thursday morning, Mrs Adams ran a relaxation session for us. We learnt some ways to help our bodies relax for example gently stroking a feather on our faces. We really enjoyed chilling out! Thank you Mrs Adams! Year 1 also watched the staff rounders match and liked cheering on both teams.

On Friday, Year 1 took part in a fencing session. We learnt to use the foam sabres and using lunges to help us stretch further. After that we took part in the health week quiz. In teams Years 1 and 2 answered questions about sport, cooking and PSHE. Sapphire house won the Key Stage 1 quiz - well done Sapphire!

During the week Year 1 took part in a competition to see which class could complete the most laps of the Chilcote Kilometre over the week. The Key Stage 1 winners were 1 Elm! As well as this we have taken part in a range of mindfulness activities. Year 1 particularly enjoyed using Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Year 1 have worked very hard this week and have enjoyed Health Week. Well done everyone!

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Junior Choir at St Peter`s festival Saturday 29th June 2019

On Saturday 29th June, Chilcote Junior choir (looking smart in their lovely choir t shirts) took part in a super concert as part of St Peter`s festival at St Peter`s church. The choir sang a variety of songs confidently and enthusiastically to a large audience. It was a very hot afternoon and our choir handled themselves very well, sitting sensibly and quietly for over an hour.
The audience were very supportive and complimentary about how well our children had performed. We were very proud of you all as it was quite a challenge performing for such a large audience in a venue with tricky acoustics.
We also enjoyed listening to Birmingham schools` Concert Band, Youth Proms Symphonic Brass and Birmingham schools` Brass Ensemble who performed to a very high standard.
Thank you to all our pupils- and families who supported this event on a Saturday afternoon during a very busy time of year. We are very grateful for all your enthusiasm and kind words.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Year 2 at Symphony hall

On Monday 3rd June, Year 2 set off with much excitement to catch the train into town to take part in an interactive singing concert especially designed for Year 2 children at Symphony hall. We enjoyed a picnic in the park on our way and then walked on to Symphony hall
The concert was fantastic and we all joined in enthusiastically with the new songs and games. It was great to learn some new repertoire as well as sing some of our favourites that we had previously learned at school. Mrs Harris, Miss Deneny, Mrs James and Mrs Rafter had to go up onto the stage to help with some of the songs which was great fun! Mr Tambie also had to go up on stage, and pretend be a pirate. We thought he made an excellent pirate - arr matey!
Everyone behaved beautifully. We were a credit to the school and we all thoroughly enjoyed our singing experience.
Very many thanks to Mrs Rashid, Mr Tambie, Ms Gharabaury, and Ms Mokgweetsi who gave up their time to accompany us and many thanks too to Mrs Rafter, Mrs Begum and Mrs King for all their help and enthusiasm.
We will enjoy sharing our new songs and games with other children back at school.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Year 5 Cricket Tournament

On Wednesday 5th June ten children from Year 5 represented the school at a cricket tournament held at Moseley Ashfield cricket ground.

The schools were split into two groups with four teams in each group. The schools played the teams in their group once and then would play the school who finished in the same position in the other group.

In this from of cricket each team started on 200 runs and lose 5 runs per wicket lost. They score runs in the normal way.

Chilcote started with a game against The Oaks and decided to bowl first. They bowled and fielded excellently and The Oaks finished their innings on 180 runs. Chilcote then batted and scored a very good 277 in reply. Thus, they won the game by 97 runs.

Their next game was against Grendon, again they decided to bowl first. They restricted Grendon to a score of 207 runs because again they bowled and fielded amazingly well. In reply, Chilcote managed to score 274 runs in reply with an outstanding batting perfromance. This meant that they won the game by 67 runs.

In the final game Chilcote played against Allens Croft School. Allens Croft chose to bat first and posted a score of 213 runs. Chilcote were again superb in the field and with their bowling. Chilcote then replied by scoring 254 after they had made a few silly mistakes. This meant that they won the game by 41 runs.

This meant that Chilcote made it to the final where they played Hollywood Primary School. Hollywood chose to bowl first and put Chilcote into bat. Chilcote batted superbly well and didn't give away hardly any wickets. They posted a score of 278. Hollywood then replied with 210 runs as Chilcote bowled even better than they had before. They bowled accurately and quickly. This meant that they won the game by 68 runs and won the final!!!

Well done to all of the children, as they represented the school superbly well and showed their great sportsmanship throughout!!!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Nursery's Trip to the Farm

On Wednesday 22nd May, Nursery went to visit Umberslade Farm.   We travelled in a double decker bus. When we arrived a tractor and trailer met us to take us to the farm yard.  We had a great time and saw lots of different animals.  At lunch time we sat in a big tent - it was very exciting! We had time to play in the playground.
When it was time to go home we were very tired and some of us went to sleep on the bus!
We all had a super day out!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Reception have been shopping!

Reception classes had a day of shopping today.  First, we looked at what different coins look like, then all the children were given a purse.  They came to the shops and bought the different things on offer: - stickers, pencils, sweets and balloons.

The children not only practised using money but practised using their manners too!  We all had a lovely time.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Chilcote Summer concerts

On Monday 20th May and Tuesday 21st May, over 120 children performed at our two annual Summer concerts. Both were well attended by large enthusiastic audiences and all the children performed confidently, showcasing their hard work over the past few months to their family and friends.
We are very proud of all our performers and would like to thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm, providing us with two very enjoyable evenings.
Thank you very much to our talented peripataetic music service teachers who have taught and encouraged the children all year. Our children have made great progress, through the hard work of Mrs Mulenga, Mr Fisher, Miss Hobbs, Mr Chamberlain and Mr Singh.