Friday, 28 November 2014

Year 2 English: Poppy shape poems

Did you know that in World War One they couldn’t record sounds? So, we decided to write shape poems to tell you about the sounds. First, we watched this interesting, inspiring and exciting but scary video.

Next, we looked at lots of grey pictures of World War One like a whistle, a ship that had been hit by a torpedo, horses and a motorbike. After that, we wrote words to describe the sounds. Some of the words we made up like: Dugadugaduga! for a machine gun, or Neeeeeooow! for a plane. Please let us know what you think by writing a comment.

We will remember them.

From Year 2

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Important e-Safety information for parents: Google+

       Did you know the minimum age requirement to own a Google account in the UK is 13? In Holland it’s 16. Parents and carers may understand a Google account to be email, but it has actually video chat, live messaging, a YouTube channel and blogging amongst other features. This is called Google+ and when children sign-up, they can often forget to apply settings and leave everything they do or say open to the entire web. It is therefore essential for safeguarding their children that parents and carers fully understand the risks involved should they decide social networking is appropriate for their primary school-age child, despite Google’s rules.

Here is a link to an excellent guide to using Google+ in a safer way that will help to protect children from damaging conduct, contact and content. It was written for parents of teens.

To find out if your child has a Google+ account, ask them. And/or type your child's full name into the YouTube search bar.

Another e-Safety evening for parents is scheduled for February 2015. Attendees found the last session illuminating and came way feeling more confident about how to protect their primary school-age children’s online lives. Please register your interest on the slip at the bottom of the letter that went home today.

In the meantime, here are our Digital Leaders’ top tips for staying safe online:

ALWAYS use a made-up name

ALWAYS use a picture for your avatar that is not of your face

ALWAYS have ‘friends’ online who you know as friends in real-life

ALWAYS offer a general location or better still, none at all: never your school or street

ALWAYS think about your digital footprint: anything you comment on now could be searched in a few years by a college or employer.  What would they think of you?

ALWAYS switch off comments on YouTube in your settings. If you post something interesting, then it’s the number of views you get that counts anyway.

ALWAYS behave online as you would in real life.



Some of the things we do to help children enjoy the internet safely include: an acclaimed and rigorous e-Safety and Digital Citizenship curriculum, participating in Safer Internet Day, full staff and Governor training, Parents' e-Safety evenings, e-Safety outreach in other schools, participating in Anti-Bullying Week and discussing e-Safety in PSHE lessons.

If you want more information about how you can support from home, click here.

Our trip to Tesco

We had a fantastic time at Tesco today. We all saw how bread is made in the bakery, how the bread is wrapped in it's packaging and we were even able to decorate our own cookies. They were yummy!! After that we looked at all of the different fruits and vegetables, looking at their many different colours. We then moved on to look at the fish, which was a bit smelly!! Some of us were able to touch a fish which felt very cold and slimey. After that we were able to taste 3 different types of cheeses and they were delicious. Next we all got to stand in their massive fridge and freezer, it was very cold. We wish we'd worn our hat and gloves to keep us warm!!!
We all were a little tired at the end, so the lovely lady took us up to the canteen, where we all had a sit down. We even had some different types of bread to eat and some lovely fruit.

We had a brilliant time at Tesco.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Year 2: Mathematics Inspire Workshop - Times Tables

Many thanks to all the parents who attended our Inspire Workshop on Times Tables today. For all those we know that wanted to come, but couldn't, here's a video with some ideas to support your child at home. Also, there are links below to the apps we referred to. You'll need to search for Android versions.


Here's the 12 x 12 grid you asked for, so you can print off and practise at home.

Just right-click and Save As, or click and drag the picture onto your desktop.

Here are the apps you wanted to know about . . .

DK 10 minute maths: FREE

Squeebles: £2.49

Puffin Academy for MyMaths on iPads: FREE

Math Bingo: FREE

For those needing a little extra support, these are expensive but extremely effective:

Maths, 4-6: In-app purchases

Maths Practise: 2s, 5s and 10s: £3.99

Monday, 24 November 2014

Year 6 v Acocks Green

On Friday 21st November the Chilcote year 6 football team played against Acocks Green Primary School on a wind and rain swept Yardley Wood playing Fields pitch. The game was very important as a win would mean Chilcote had won their mini league and qualified for the top league after Christmas.

The game started well for Chilcote and they rushed into a 2 v 0 lead. The boys were playing really well and had their shooting boots on. By half time they were 5 v 0 up. The second half continued in the same fashion and Chilcote totally dominated proceedings. The game ended 10 v 0 to Chilcote. The goals were scored by; Ali (x3), Johnny (x3), Regan (x2), Max (x1) and Harry (x1). Well done to all of the boys for a fantastic performance. This is also Chilcote’s biggest win in the last few years, so a tremendous achievement!!! 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Nursery's Anti Bullying Day

Nursery have been thinking about how to be a good friend.  In the morning we went to a special assembly by the Blue Cross, to discover how we can be kind to animals.  When we got back to the classroom, we found we had been sent a special message from PC Plod, who told us he had found out that Humpty Dumpty was actually pushed off his wall!  It was no accident!  Using the clues that PC Plod had given us, we discovered it was the soldier who had used unkind hands!  We used the iPad to record messages for Humpty to cheer him up, and we also recorded messages for the soldier to tell him what he should do to make Humpty feel better.  In the afternoon we enjoyed sharing our learning with Year 3. What a busy day!

Anti-Bullying Day Year 6

On Friday 21st November it was Anti-Bullying Day and Year 6 enjoyed it so much!
This is a recap of what we did:

The day started off with everybody coming into school with 50p and wearing calm blue clothes. We had a big serious discussion about what bullying is, how to stop it and what to do if you were a bystander. Everybody had hundreds of ideas and we made a PowerPoint poster with a few outstanding ideas of what bullying is; what to do if you’re a bystander; and about how aggressive animals can be used to bully innocent people (beforehand we all discovered during a special assembly about dogs becoming aggressive and what to do when dogs come running towards you - you turn around from them carefully).

Then, we used the iPads to create some brilliant pieces of working explaining cyber bullying, verbal, physical and indirect bullying. Everybody enjoyed writing about it, but many classmates preferred creating the video of interviewing a made up bully to give information in a fun and entertaining way. After lunch we carried on with our tasks and then shared them with Year 2!

I’m sure everybody had loads of fun today and would agree this was the best anti-bullying day the school has ever had.

Thanks for reading!

Amy, Year 6.

Anti-Bullying Day in Year 2

Today Year 2 spent the day learning all about bullying and how we can stop it happening. The highlight of our day was designing our very own anti-bullying superhero. We also enjoyed learning the legend of the giant of St. Michael's Mount and re-enacting the story.

Forest School got to work coppicing hazel!

This week, Forest school set to work in a hazel coppice. Coppicing is an ancient way of managing the woodland. Trees are regularly cut down at their base, on a yearly rotation cycle, and this ensures new growth from their stumps, and a regular supply of wood for all sorts of uses! Coppicing also means that light can get to the forest floor, and encourage biodiversity – that is, more plants and animals are able to grow and live there.

Dave, our school gardener, had asked us if we could supply the allotment with some bean poles, so we took some tools down to the hazel coppice. Using secateurs, loppers and bow saws, we were able to bring back some brilliant bean poles to school, ready to use next year! We talked a lot about the risks of tool use, and were really sensible; thinking carefully about our own safety and that of our friends.
We also practiced making fire, ready for our fire week next week. Using a striker to create a flame is really, really tricky, but with a huge amount of effort, perseverance and encouragement from our friends, we got there in the end!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Forest School gets creative!

It has been so wet this week that Forest School decided to stay a bit closer to home and get to work in our school grounds.

 We have been learning about all the different uses for natural materials we find in the forest, and this week we learned about willow. It’s a strong but bendy wood, and can be used for all sorts of different things, such as building living sculptures and shelters, like the ones on our playground. Also it can be used for lots of different craft projects!

Mr Hill and Mr Anderson joined us, and showed us how to make dream catchers and God’s eyes. These are made by bending and joining willow, using knots like clove hitches, and weaving with wool. We decorated the shelter in the little playground, and we are really proud of how it looks!

 Come and see our work for yourself!


Last week we went to the phenomenal cinema to watch Escape from the Planet Earth! It was one of the best movies in the world. It was about a family of aliens from a different planet. The older one was a dwarf who worked in mission control. The astronaut was on a mission to the earth aka The Dark Planet! The part they went to was called Area 51. We walked to Yardley Wood train station, which was quite long and great exercise. We watched it in the Odeon cinema in Town, the heavens opened up on us! The film was a hour and a half long .In addition, the film was FUNNY, FANTASTIC AND Fabulous.


Monday, 17 November 2014

Year 6 4 a-side Tournament

On Friday 14th November Chilcote entered a 4aside football competition. 6  year 6 boys (Bradley, Johnny, Leo, Regan, Ali and Jack) played in the tournament. The tournament was held at Archbishop Ilsley Secondary School.

Chilcote started against St Martins school and took an early lead through Regan, St Martins then equalised before Bradley put Chilcote back in front. Chilcote then went further in front with some fantastic play. The game finished at 5 v 2 to Chilcote. In their second game Chilcote played Yardley Wood. Again they started brightly and raced into an early 2v0 lead. Yardley Wood then pulled one back, but Chilcote again scored freely and the game ended 5 v 3.  Finally, Chilcote played Wheelers Lane only needing a draw to secure a place in the finals. Chilcote had three early chances in the game, but each time they were thwarted by the Wheelers Lane goalkeeper. Then with their first real chance Wheelers took the lead. They soon doubled the advantage and the Chilcote heads went down. Despite having a few more chances they just couldn’t get a goal back. Unfortunately, they went on to lose the game 4 v 0. This meant that they finished the evening in second place, 1 point behind Wheelers Lane. Well done to all of the boys involved they played some excellent football on the night!!!  

Year 1 History: World War 1 Commemorations.

Year one have really enjoyed learning about World War One. The children have been so eager to learn about this topic and have even continued finding out more at home, which has been wonderful to see.

We started our week by going back in time 100 years and found out what is was like to go to school in 1914! We had chalk boards to practise our handwriting on and lots of times tables to learn!

We also enjoyed finding out about the different types of clothes that were worn 100 years ago and the special jobs the children had during the war to help out.

Trench cake was sent out to the soldiers to remind them of home and we had a go at making and tasting our very own trench cake!

The children were also thinking about the soldiers in English whilst writing some fantastic acrostic poems! During our art lesson we created some wonderful poppy field scenes.

We ended the week by playing some playground games that children 100 years ago would have played. We played marbles, hopscotch, skipping rope games and sang "In and out the dusty blue bells". It was a lot of fun, well done year one for a super week!


Friday, 14 November 2014

Year 4 History: World War 1 Commemorations

This week Year 4 have been learning about World War One.  We found out the reason why the War started and created a timeline showing the key events that happened during the War.   Our main focus of the week was using the ipads to research how the High Street looked during WW1 and how it compares to our shopping centres.  To present our research, we created a leaflet.

Also, as part of the WW1 Commemorations week, we had a visitor who talked to us about how soldiers would dress, what they would eat and the conditions of the trenches.  He even dressed one of us up and we got to look at lots of interesting artefacts!  

At the end of the week, we were able to sing our year group song ‘Daisy’ to some special visitors from ‘Oak Tree Court’ elderly home.

As part of our Remembrance work, we also designed and created our own sculptures in Art , which showed the different values linked to war, such as: love, peace, sacrifice and thankfulness.  These got displayed in St Peters Church for the public to visit. 

 Overall, Year 4 have enjoyed learning about WW1 and those that fought for us.

Year 6 Boys vs St Ambrose Barlow

On Thursday 13th November the year 6 boy’s football team played their third match of the season against St Ambrose Barlow. The match was played at Yardley Wood playing fields.

Chilcote started the match well and had the game’s first chance courtesy of Johnny but he just missed the target. Then, St Ambrose had a few good chances but Jack pulled off a couple of fantastic saves. The game was very even and both teams had chances. At half time it was 0 v 0. In the second half, Chilcote had a number of chances to get goal but fired straight at the St Ambrose goalkeeper. Jack pulled off another great save in the second half to keep the teams level. The game ended 0 v 0. This was a good result for Chilcote as they remain unbeaten and have still yet to concede a goal. They need a win in their final game to win the mini-league and get into the top division after Christmas. Well done boys!!!

Nursery World War 1 Commemorations

This week we have enjoyed dressing up in war time clothes and thinking about how they are different from what we wear today. We have been learning about poppies and how they help us to remember, and have used a range of materials to create our own.