Friday, 27 March 2015

Year 1 Multi Skills Festival

On Wednesday 25th March Year 1 took part in a Multi Skills Festival at Billesley Tennis Club. The children took part in a range of different activities which involved, kicking, throwing, balancing and running. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and displayed brilliant team work! Well done Year 1!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Year 2 Computing: Super Humans Lego movies

Our Computing unit this half-term has involved creating stop-motion animation Lego movies all about exercise for our 'Super Humans' topic.

We found that good animation takes a lot of time, care, patience and teamwork. Next time we go to see an animated film, we certainly will appreciate it more.

Check these out . . .

Year 1 and 2's Easter Bonnet Eggstravaganza

All the parents were EGGStremely proud!

The singing was EGGStraordinary!

The children showed off their EGGcellent bonnets.

The winners were very EGGSited.

Craft Clubs Last Session

Today saw the final session of first Craft Club (a new club will start in April).   We made ourselves Easter push up puppets and key rings.   
We have taken home our tie-dye t-shirts and decorated mugs.   Everyone has had a great time!

Thank you all for a lovely time.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Year 1's Easter Assembly

Year 1's Easter Assembly

Year 1 have been working very hard to learn their lines, songs and dances for their assembly.    It was brilliant!   Well done to everyone!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Year 2 P.E. Multi-skills Tournament

Today, Year 2 were lucky enough to participate in a fantastic multi-skills tournament which consisted of a round robin of ten different activities. These included: bowling at cricket stumps, basketball dribbling, relay races and many more! We all had a great time. Here are some of our highlights:

Birmingham Schools Area Ensemble Gala concerts part 2 !

Following our blog yesterday about children from Chilcote representing our school at these concerts, some of our guitarists took part in Sunday`s concert playing in the South Area Guitar Ensemble. Many thanks to them all- for their hard work and good performance, we are very proud of you!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Year 3 Computing: Lego WeDo

'Drumming Monkeys go bananas for Lego We Do' 

In our Computing and DT learning, we have been learning about programming and creating algorithms (a sequence of instructions).  We had an excellent time building and programming our drumming monkeys. We used the iPads to the scan QR codes to access the instructions. This helped us to access the instructions to build our Lego Drumming Monkey models. 

The children then tested their models using the Lego Creations program, which allows the children to program their Lego characters to move! Watch the video below to see how it works!

When evaluating and reviewing their project work. We had this to say...

3 Beech children have written this blog. 
“It was amazing because the Lego moved.”
“It was magnificent to see everybody’s Lego work, also seeing my model move too!”
“It was wonderful when we saw the monkey drumming, it made lots of interesting sounds.”
“It was a beautiful sight to see when all the monkeys worked at the end of our lessons, I was really proud!”

Birmingham Schools Area Ensemble Gala concerts and Chamber Ensemble concerts.

We are very pleased that many of our children who have instrument lessons in school have been representing Chilcote at these recent events. 

Our String Quartet- Anika, Grace, Gabrielle and Beth performed beautifully at the Ladywood Arc on Friday 20th March and alongside Logan, Ben, Jessica, Charlotte, Danny, Anna, Molly and Rachel they also played in the Hall Green Area String Orchestra on Saturday 21st March at the Adrian Boult Hall in the Conservatoire in town.  

Jack G also took part in the Area Gala concert playing steel pans confidently with the King`s Norton Area Steel Band.

All these children attend these bands outside of school in their own time and worked hard to contribute to two very successful concerts.

                                Chilcote String Quartet
                                at the Ladywood Arc

Friday, 20 March 2015

Colmore vs Chilcote

On Friday 20th March Chilcote played against Colmore in their fourth league game of Division 1. The game was played at Yardley Wood.

The game started very evenly with both teams having good opportunities to score and go ahead. Colmore had a couple of really good chances when the ball was flashed across the box but nobody was there to turn the ball home. Chilcote then got a succession of corners and they took the lead off one of these. Bradley delivered, Ali had a shot blocked and Regan slammed home the rebound. In the second half Colmore were more on top with Chilcote just hitting them on the break. Colmore had a couple of half chances but couldn’t find a clear opening. 2 minutes from time the right midfielder for Colmore rolled his man and ran down the wing before slamming the ball into the far corner of the goal to make the score 1v1. Chilcote were gutted to concede and couldn’t find a goal in the dying moments. The game ended 1v1, which was probably a fair result. It was a great game between two very good sides. Well done to all those involved!!!

Solar Eclipse in Year 6!

Today – Friday 20th March – was the day that we had the opportunity to see a once in a life time event: the chance to witness a solar eclipse! Despite the fact that we couldn’t see the totality of the eclipse (we had special safety glasses – remember NEVER look directly at the sun without the correct equipment!), it was still an amazing opportunity to see the beautiful celestial mechanics, and complete some great science work!

The first thing that some of the Year 6 pupils did was to go outside whilst the event was happening and record observations about the temperature, light intensity, cloud cover and unusual occurrences happening before, during & after the eclipse. We repeated the result gathering across the year group to improve the accuracy of the data and then we worked out the average. Crucially, we also made sure that observations took place in the same position to make the investigation as fair as possible!

The next activity was our English and Science cross curricular work. Mr Gale sent a (pretend) ‘angry’ letter to Year 6 to ask us why we had wasted time watching the eclipse when we should have been practising for our SATS instead! We responded with a persuasive letter, convincing Mr Gale that our solar eclipse learning had enhanced our knowledge and that it was a fantastically worthwhile event to witness! Additionally, we read factual texts to improve our understanding of solar eclipses (which were really interesting). Finally we watched lots of great information videos which were very entertaining yet had an outstanding amount of facts for us to learn!

To sum up: this was a remarkable day, which I’m sure we will never forget – particularly as the next picturesque, total eclipse to hit the UK will be in 2090! Also, I’m sure a lot of the knowledge now present in our minds will help us in future lessons!

Thanks for reading!!

Year 2 Science: Solar eclipse!

We used special protective glasses for only 3 minutes.

It was amazing to see it with our own eyes!

Xander and Dylan

We put the glasses lens over the iPad camera and took a photo.

It was extraordinary because we saw how the moon covered the sun.

Grace and Nicole

The whole school joined in.

It was an exciting experience because it does not happen very often.

Joshua and Paul

Solar Eclipse at Chilcote

The children this morning were very excited to go and see the solar eclipse. As soon as they were registered they went outside and eagerly looked to the sky. The weather forecast was cloudy but fortunately there were breaks in the cloud which allowed a good view of the solar eclipse. Pupils also noticed how it was getting darker and colder. The eclipse was only partial, about 90 percent, so there was no corona to be seen and it for some pupils it didn't go quite as dark as they imagined but they all agreed they would like to see another one.
The next eclipse is 2026 and this again will be partial, the next full eclipse in the UK will be 2090. As a momento the children can keep the solar eclipse glasses but please note if they do become damaged they will be no longer suitable for looking at the Sun.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Craft Club News

Year 2 Craft Club have been busy again!   This time we have designed and made bags to give our Mum's on Mother's Day.

They all loved them!

Eggciting News in Reception!

On Monday we had a very special delivery in Reception! There were 10 little eggs waiting for us in a special machine called an incubator. We couldn't believe our eyes when we came into school, on Wednesday morning, to find 5 of our chicks had hatched! Later that day, another little chick joined our Reception family. We are waiting for the last 4 to make an appearance. Come on, little ones! 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Chilcote vs St Martin’s

On Friday 13th March Chilcote played against St Martin’s school in their third league game of division 1. The game took place at Yardley Wood playing fields.

The game started as an even contest. Soon, Chilcote began to take charge of the match and after a lovely flowing passing move Regan crossed the ball into the box and Johnny got in ahead of the goalkeeper to flick it into the net, 1v0 to Chilcote. St Martin’s had a few half chances and so did Chilcote in the build up to half time. In the second half Chilcote played much better and took control of the match, but they couldn’t find the second goal. St Martin’s were a threat on the counter attack too. Fortunately, 5 minutes from time Regan whipped in another cross to the back post and Bradley stooped low to try to head the ball into the net and it went in off his knee! The final score was 2v0 to Chilcote. A great performance and a brilliant result! Well done to all involved!!!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Junior Choir at the St George`s festival

On Friday 13th March, Junior Choir took part in the St George`s festival at Yarnfield Primary School in Tyseley. There were four other schools participating and we all performed our different songs to each other  and then sang `Thank you for the music` together at the end. Our songs were all written by English composers and ranged from a 300 year old folk song to a song composed last year.

Afterwards, we enjoyed drinks and home made  biscuits decorated with the flag of St George.

Thank you to our hosts at Yarnfield and to Mrs Rafter and Miss Norris who came with us. We had a  very  enjoyable morning.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Nursery's Visit from the Animal Man

This week we had a super visit from Mo, otherwise known as 'The animal man'!  We learnt lots about the different animals he had brought along for us to meet.  Lots of us were brave and had a go at touching or holding the animals!