Sunday, 30 June 2019

Junior Choir at St Peter`s festival Saturday 29th June 2019

On Saturday 29th June, Chilcote Junior choir (looking smart in their lovely choir t shirts) took part in a super concert as part of St Peter`s festival at St Peter`s church. The choir sang a variety of songs confidently and enthusiastically to a large audience. It was a very hot afternoon and our choir handled themselves very well, sitting sensibly and quietly for over an hour.
The audience were very supportive and complimentary about how well our children had performed. We were very proud of you all as it was quite a challenge performing for such a large audience in a venue with tricky acoustics.
We also enjoyed listening to Birmingham schools` Concert Band, Youth Proms Symphonic Brass and Birmingham schools` Brass Ensemble who performed to a very high standard.
Thank you to all our pupils- and families who supported this event on a Saturday afternoon during a very busy time of year. We are very grateful for all your enthusiasm and kind words.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Year 2 at Symphony hall

On Monday 3rd June, Year 2 set off with much excitement to catch the train into town to take part in an interactive singing concert especially designed for Year 2 children at Symphony hall. We enjoyed a picnic in the park on our way and then walked on to Symphony hall
The concert was fantastic and we all joined in enthusiastically with the new songs and games. It was great to learn some new repertoire as well as sing some of our favourites that we had previously learned at school. Mrs Harris, Miss Deneny, Mrs James and Mrs Rafter had to go up onto the stage to help with some of the songs which was great fun! Mr Tambie also had to go up on stage, and pretend be a pirate. We thought he made an excellent pirate - arr matey!
Everyone behaved beautifully. We were a credit to the school and we all thoroughly enjoyed our singing experience.
Very many thanks to Mrs Rashid, Mr Tambie, Ms Gharabaury, and Ms Mokgweetsi who gave up their time to accompany us and many thanks too to Mrs Rafter, Mrs Begum and Mrs King for all their help and enthusiasm.
We will enjoy sharing our new songs and games with other children back at school.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Year 5 Cricket Tournament

On Wednesday 5th June ten children from Year 5 represented the school at a cricket tournament held at Moseley Ashfield cricket ground.

The schools were split into two groups with four teams in each group. The schools played the teams in their group once and then would play the school who finished in the same position in the other group.

In this from of cricket each team started on 200 runs and lose 5 runs per wicket lost. They score runs in the normal way.

Chilcote started with a game against The Oaks and decided to bowl first. They bowled and fielded excellently and The Oaks finished their innings on 180 runs. Chilcote then batted and scored a very good 277 in reply. Thus, they won the game by 97 runs.

Their next game was against Grendon, again they decided to bowl first. They restricted Grendon to a score of 207 runs because again they bowled and fielded amazingly well. In reply, Chilcote managed to score 274 runs in reply with an outstanding batting perfromance. This meant that they won the game by 67 runs.

In the final game Chilcote played against Allens Croft School. Allens Croft chose to bat first and posted a score of 213 runs. Chilcote were again superb in the field and with their bowling. Chilcote then replied by scoring 254 after they had made a few silly mistakes. This meant that they won the game by 41 runs.

This meant that Chilcote made it to the final where they played Hollywood Primary School. Hollywood chose to bowl first and put Chilcote into bat. Chilcote batted superbly well and didn't give away hardly any wickets. They posted a score of 278. Hollywood then replied with 210 runs as Chilcote bowled even better than they had before. They bowled accurately and quickly. This meant that they won the game by 68 runs and won the final!!!

Well done to all of the children, as they represented the school superbly well and showed their great sportsmanship throughout!!!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Nursery's Trip to the Farm

On Wednesday 22nd May, Nursery went to visit Umberslade Farm.   We travelled in a double decker bus. When we arrived a tractor and trailer met us to take us to the farm yard.  We had a great time and saw lots of different animals.  At lunch time we sat in a big tent - it was very exciting! We had time to play in the playground.
When it was time to go home we were very tired and some of us went to sleep on the bus!
We all had a super day out!