Monday, 21 January 2019

Junior Choir performing at ` Young Voices ' at the NEC arena

On Friday 18th January, Junior Choir travelled to the NEC to perform at the Young Voices concert. We have been learning and practising the songs for this concert since the beginning of September so were very excited to finally reach the day of the concert.
We had a fantastic time, rehearsing all afternoon, then performing with over 6,000 other children in front of a huge audience. We sang 13 songs- some were very long - and enjoyed singing with some famous singers, including Connie Talbot, Beau Dermot and Tony Hadley.
Thank you very much to our parents for supporting us in the audience and especially to Mrs Drew, Mrs Eames and Mrs Smith who accompanied us and joined in with enthusiasm.
We were very proud of everyone in choir, you all behaved very well- throughout a very long day and also sang and joined in brilliantly.
We arrived back to school tired but happy and were greeted by snow as we left the coach!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

The Gingerbread Man came into our classrooms!

What a week we have had in Reception!  The children couldn't believe their eyes when we checked on the camera to see who had left all the biscuit crumbs and discovered it was the Gingerbread man and his friends!

We were all so excited that we decided to go on a hunt around school, reading the clues as we went.

It turns out Mrs McGann - our lovely school cook - had made some gingerbread men but they had run away!  She decided to make some more for us today but this time she made sure the ovens stayed shut.