Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Year 3 Mixed Football Tournament

On Monday 29th September some year 3 children (Lily, Anna, Harrison, Josh, Madison and Adam) represented Chilcote in a Baverstock sports partnership mixed 5-aside football tournament.  The tournament was held at Baverstock Academy. The children played 2 matches against 2 different schools. Firstly, they played The Oaks in a tough match. The Oaks took the lead and then grabbed a second goal, which meant they lead 2v0 at half time. The Chilcote team rallied and finally started to take their chances. They managed to score three goals in the second half to win the match 3v2. Chilcote’s next opponents were Hollywood who had beaten The Oaks 3v0, so this meant whoever won this match won the tournament. It was going to be a tough match. Chilcote made a flying start to the match and scored to go 1v0 up. Hollywood then equalised just before half time. Early in the second half Hollywood took the lead, but Chilcote battled back to grab the equaliser. Hollywood took the lead two more times, but each time Chilcote managed to get an equaliser. The match ended 4v4, and was a thrilling game. There was then a period of golden goal extra-time. Both teams had a good chance to score but spurned it. The match was eventually decided by a penalty shootout, with Hollywood triumphing 1v0 after 3 penalties each. The team should be very proud of their efforts as they did really well!!!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Year 2's Trip to Tesco

This week, we took a terrific trip to Tesco in Monkspath.

When we arrived, we were given our hats (to stop hair falling into the food!) and headed to the bakery where we discovered how the bread is made. To tie-in with our Computing unit, we learned how computers controlled all the machines. We also put icing on our very own cookies.

Next, we searched the fruit aisle to spot different colours. Whilst we were there, we beat the teachers and parents 4-0 in the food quiz and their penalty was to spend two minutes in the freezer at -22c. Brrrrrrrr!

After that, we identified different species of fish and tasted different varieties of cheese before heading off to the staff room for some fruity snacks and bread tasting.

Overall, it was an infor-licious day!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Trip to the Allotment.

On Wednesday afternoon we, Year 5, walked down to the local allotment and met Colin who told us all about vegetables. We needed to find out about growing vegetables for our mission to Mars, we could hardly nip down the local supermarket if we are on Mars. We interviewed Colin about how best to grow our favourite vegetables. It was a great afternoon out and the weather was fab too.



We have had a great start to the year! We have started out TOPIC: MISSION TO MARS!

Last week we had our ENTRY POINT DAY. We trained hard in the morning to improve our physical fitness as you have to be fit to be an astronaut! In the afternoon we learnt to input sequences into devices such as roamers and Lego space craft so we could control our moon landing craft.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Year 1 Entry Point Day

On Thursday Year 1 had a very exciting adventure to the forest school and the local allotments to celebrate the start of our new IPC topic "Our World".   We played an exciting game of "123 where are you?" to help us learn about keeping safe in the forest environment.   

We great fun collecting a variety of natural resources such as feathers, acorns, fir cones and different leaves which we used to create some fabulous art work in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Year 2 Science: Materials Testers

As part of our Topic, ‘Hooray . . . Let’s go on holiday!’, we’ve been looking at materials that have the right combination of properties for a suitcase. First, we watched two inspiring videos; we learned about the journey of a suitcase through an airport and how scientists test materials.

We then sketched out our plans for an investigation and thought about health and safety. We decided to make it a fair test by keeping the size and shape of the materials the same. After that, it was time to carry out our water-soaking, playground-dragging, hammer-smashing tests! We concluded that plastic was the best material: it had all the right properties to survive airports.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Year 6 Boys Football Tournament

On Friday 12th September the Chilcote year 6 boys team played their first tournament of the year at Maypole FC. They were competing against 7 other schools. In the first game they played Yardley Wood and thanks to a Johnny goal won the match 1v0. After that, they played St Martins school and had a tightly contested game with few chances. It finished 0v0. The final group game was against Wheelers Lane and Chilcote needed to win. Unfortunately, the boys fell to sleep on their own goal kick and conceded a sloppy goal. This meant they lost the match 1v0. The boys didn’t qualify for the semi-finals but there were lots of positives in their first tournament. Well done boys!!!  

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Year 2: Topic Entry Point Day

For our entry point to our new topic, ‘Hooray . . . Let’s go on holiday!’, we had a fantastic and memorable day by: being travel agents and using a computer database; booking our own holiday and organizing our passports; checking our luggage in and going through security; taking off in a plane and enjoying the in-flight entertainment, then finally arriving where we relaxed in the sunshine on our towels.  Luckily, the flight arrived back just in time for our parents to pick us up!

“My favourite bit was on the plane when we took off.” Grace, Lewis and Ben
“It was fun when we went through security to be scanned.” Max
“The best part was when we landed and sunbathed outside.” Tayla and Aleena