Monday, 29 February 2016


This year we have had some changes to our housepoints. We now use raffle tickets instead of housepoint cards. At the end of each week your name may be drawn out of the box and if it is you will get to choose a special prize (not chocolate or sweets!). So the more raffle tickets you get the more chance of you being chosen! We also have thermometers in the hall that represent the houses and their housepoints. The house that has the most housepoints at the end of the year will win a trophy. Work hard to collect as many housepoints as you possibly can!

House Captains and Vice Captains. 

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Black Country Museum

On Friday Year 1 went on a trip to "The Black Country Museum".   We had a fantastic time looking at how our lives might have been if we had lived 100 years ago.   We were very busy while we were there as we had to do the washing!   There were no washing machines so we had to us a dolly, carbolic soap and a mangle.   It was really hard work, we enjoyed pegging our clean washing on the line!   We also had a lesson in the school room, visited some shops, played games in the streets (it was ok because there were no cars!!) and we had a ride on a tram.   We all had a super time.

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Wizard of Oz Auditions

In the summer term, Year 6 will be showcasing a performance of the musical The Wizard of Oz. 

Below are the backing tracks for the female and male singing auditions which will take place in the week beginning Monday 7th March.

Watch these clips from the film to help you to act while you sing.

Try your best and enjoy yourselves!

Friday, 19 February 2016

E-Safety work in Reception

On national e-safety day, we enjoyed playing a game to help us identify our similarities, differences and personal information.
We agreed that we should not share our personal information with anyone that we do not know well- in real life or online. We also talked about how to keep safe when using the internet.
We all helped to make class posters to remind us how to keep safe online and to show us the devices that help us access the internet.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Amazing Homework Projects

We have been amazed by the Egyptian projects that have been presented by the Year 4 Children!

We are so proud of how hard each and every member of  the year group have worked to produce something really special.

All our work will be displayed in the corridors for everyone to see, so please do pop in to have a look.
The projects will be left on display for children from across the school to enjoy!

Here are some photos!


Nursery have had a brilliant, but busy week. To begin our week we learnt all about Chinese New Year, watching clips about how it is celebrated. 

We then made pancakes on Tuesday for pancake day and we had a wonderful time tasting them with a variety of toppings. 

On Wednesday during PE we learnt about the Chinese New Year Dragon Dance, and we all had the opportunity to join in. Watch our dance in the video below (I hope it's worked!!)

During the rest of the week we thought about Valentines day, and made our special cards to give to those who we love.

It has been a great way to finish off our half term, and we hope that you all have a lovely rest next week.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

What a busy week in Reception!

This week has been a very busy and exciting week in Reception!  We have shared a variety of different events:

Chinese New Year

Shrove Tuesday 

St. Valentines's Day

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

E-safety Day in Year 1

We have had an exciting day learning how to be safe when using the internet.   We talked about the web sites we like to use and how important it is for our Mummies and Daddies to look at the sites we are using with us.   We took a survey to find out which were the most popular sites used in our class.

We listen to some stories about the characters Digiduck and Smartie the Penguin who helped us to understand how important it is not to open messages from people we do not know, or send photos of our friends on the internet and that we should never give information about ourselves to people we do not know.
   We wrote some rules to help us remember how to stay safe and made an internet "Superhero" to remind us to be safe on line.   It was a great day

Year 4 Mixed Football Final

On Tuesday 9th February. Seven children from year 4 (Gino, Adam, Anna, Tamsin, Lilly, Josh and Madison) represented Chilcote at the Birmingham School Games Football final. This was their reward for winning the Baverstock competition earlier in the year. 

The competition contained eleven schools who were split into two groups. Chilcote played a total of four games in the group. They lost the first one to a very good Billesley team. They then lost to English Martyrs in a game which they should have won. Next, they beat Clifton 2v0. Finally, they played and drew 1v1 with West Heath. 

These results meant that Chilcote had to play in a seventh and eighth place playoff against another school which unfortunately they lost 5v3. The game was an excellent match and Chilcote played some really good football! 

All of the children represented the school excellently throughout the day. Their behaviour and manners were impeccable at all times. Well done to all involved! Eighth place in Birmingham is a great achievement.

Year 1's drama workshop

On Wednesday morning Year 1 experienced a fantastic drama workshop run by "Stage Coach".   The children took part in a drama session based on the popular story of "Alice in Wonderland".   It was quite hard work, but everyone really enjoyed it.   The workshop enabled the children to see how movement, song and dance can be combined to create a piece of work.  

E-Safety in Year 4

Tuesday 9th started with a visit from Mr Shipway who gave a whole school assembly on Safer Internet Day.
The children in Year 4 explored useful materials and power points to support being safe at home.
E- Safety is something that we as a school are very conscious of and this year, lessons for all year groups explored the theme of 'Play Your Part for a Better Internet'.
Year 4 completed their Digital Citizenship unit and risk assessed different pieces of technological equipment by suggesting ways of preventing e-safety issues.
They also started their exciting computing projects.
Can't wait to see the finished products!
Well Done Year 4

Friday, 5 February 2016

Craft Club

Craft Club has been running on a Wednesday after school for the past few weeks. The children have been very busy being creative.   So far they have made clay coil pots; they really enjoyed both making the pots and painting them.   They have also made very colourful sun catchers and this week they have been bag designers and have created beautiful bags to use when they go shopping.

We will be busy making more things in our next few sessions

Year 1's Fantastic Homework Projects

For our homework over the past few weeks we have been finding out about the traditional clothing worn by people in different countries.
Our work has been displayed outside our classroom so that everyone in school can see what we have done.   Lots of people have told us they really like our work - we are VERY proud of it too!!   Yesterday Mr Cross came to find out why we had Year 5 work displayed in our corridor - we had to tell him that it did not belong to Year 5, but it was our work.   He was very impressed!

A really big "Thank You" to all everyone who has help to produce this fabulous work.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Year 2 Circus Skills Workshop

On Monday 1st February 2016 Year 2 had a special visitor called Matt. Matt was a wonderful jester and he brought in some tricky, fun circus stuff in. He brought in some flower sticks and they were quick. And we rolled the flower sticks down our arms and they were fast, slow, fun to do.
The class loved it and thought it was fantastic, wonderful amazing.  And me Evie loved it, it was fantastic. And I really enjoyed it.
Evie, 2 Rowan

On 1st of February 2016 we had a visitor called Matt. Matt taught us to do circus skills like stilt walking, scarf juggling, but my favourite was the fab flower sticks. I liked the flower sticks because when you put in the middle of you arms and slowly move them to the floor it rolled down your arms quickly. The class really enjoyed it, they were really well behaved!

Georgia, 2 Rowan

Year 5 and 6 Table Tennis Tournament

On Tuesday 2nd February 4 boys from Chilcote primary school took part in a table tennis tournament at The Baverstock Academy. Chilcote played against Hollywood A and B; ST Lawrence A and B; and Bells Farm. 

The boys were ranked 1-4 before the tournament and played against their opposing number from the other schools. Zach (1) lost his first match but won his other 4. Dawud (2) won 1 but lost the other 4, although he took two of them to a tie-break so was close to winning. Martin (3) won 2 and lost 3 of his matches, again he took one of his losses to a tie-break, so came close to winning it. Damian (4) won all 5 of his games. 

This meant that with all the scores in Chilcote finished in 2nd place! They pipped Bells Farm to second by 1 point. Well done to all of the boys, who played really well, and represented the school brilliantly!!!