Thursday, 29 March 2018

Year 3 Recorder concert - 29th March 2018

Over the past 9 weeks, Year 3 have been learning to play the descant recorder.They have learned to read music from the stave (traditional music notation), play with a good quality tone and perform pieces at a suitable tempo (speed)- some with backing tracks too.
We held a concert for our families and Mrs Thomas, Mr Haycock and the Year 3 staff were very proud of the children`s performances. All the children worked very hard to learn this new instrument and have developed many skills along the way- including working very well as a team.
 We hope you enjoy the attached recordings.

KS1 Easter Bonnet Parade

On Wednesday 28th April, Years 1 and 2 brought in some fabulous Easter bonnets that they had worked hard on making at home. Thank you very much to everyone who helped the children make their wonderful hats!

Everyone enjoyed wearing their hats and showing them off on the catwalk. Well done to all the children! Mrs Thomas lead the children singing chick chick chicken and I like the flowers before the winners were announced.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Sport Relief In Year Two

We had great fun today celebrating Sport Relief and thinking about why exercise is important.

We took part in two challenges to see how long we could hoola hoop for and how good we were at jumping. We also had a go at a Daily Mile.

We certainly had lots of fun and even felt a bit tired after all that exercising.

Sports Relief in Year 1

Year 1 have enjoyed raising money for Sports Relief by paying 50p to come to school wearing their sporty clothes. During the day we did some sports activities including the daily mile (running a few laps around the playground 'road') and some team relay races. Well done Year 1!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Year 5 and 6 Mixed Netball Tournament

On Wednesday 21st March eight children from the Chilcote netball squad represented the school at a mixed high 5 netball tournament at Kings Norton Girls School. In total eight teams took part and were split into two groups of four.

Chilcote were placed into a group with Cotteridge A, Bells Farm and Kings Norton. In their first game they played against Kings Norton. It was a pretty even match with both teams having chances to score but not taking them. Unfortunately, just before the end of the game Kings Norton managed to score 1 and win the game 1v0.

In their second game Chilcote played against Cotteridge A. Cotteridge dominated the match and Chilcote just couldn't get out of their third. Cotteridge deservedly won the game 4v0. Chilcote did have a chance to score right at the end but didn't take it.

Finally, Chilcote played against Bells Farm and they were the more dominant team and had four or  five great chances to score. Unfortunately, they did not take any of them. Bells Farm then scored with one of teir two chances in the match and won the game 1v0.

This meant that Chilcote finished fourth in the group and went into a 7th and 8th place play off with Hollywood.  Chilcote finally found their shooting hands and took some of their chances. They scored almost straight away and then never looked back. They went on to win the game 3v0 and finish the tournament in 7th place.

Well done to all of the children who represented the school so brilliantly!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Year 4 - Our Journey Through the Spanish Language

Last term Year 4 learnt how to describe the weather in Spanish. Below is some of the work they did.

Next term they are going to learn how to order food in a restaurant. We hope you enjoy the videos.



Year 4 ad 5 South Birmingham 7-a-side

On Friday 16th March 2018 sixteen children (split into two teams) represented Chilcote in a South Birmingham Year 4 and 5 7-a-side competition. In total there were fifteen teams, split into four groups. Chilcote’s Year 4 team were in a group with Our Lady of Lourdes, Acocks Green and Severne Road. Chilcote’s Year 5 team were in a group with Yardley Wood and St Ambrose Barlow. 

Chilcote’s Year 5 team played against Yardley Wood first and despite dominating the game and having a few chances they drew 0v0. They then played St Ambrose Barlow and the same happened again although with 15 seconds remaining Chilcote managed to score a goal and win 1v0. Then, Chilcote played Yardley Wood again and had even more chances and all of the possession but again couldnt score and drew 0v0. In their final game they played St Ambrose again and needed a draw or win to finish top of the group. They managed to get a 0v0 but agin they probably should have won the game. This meant that they qualified for the semi finals. 

Chilcote’s Year 4 team started with a game against Severne Road and dominated the match and scored a few goals. They won the match 4v0. They then played Our Lady of Lourdes and lost 3v1 in a game that could have gone either way. Finally they played Acocks Green and won a tight game 1v0.  With all the results in, Chilcote finished in second place in the group and didnt qualify for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals Chilcote’s Year 5 team played against Wheelers Lane. It was a close game but Wheelers slightly shaded the game in terms of chances and possession. Just before the end of the game Wheelers had a smashing shot but Benjy pulled off a world class save! Neither team could find a break through and the game went to extra time. In the first moments Chilcote had a long range shot and the keeper saved it but dropped it at the feet of Chilcote’s striker, Ben who smashed it in. Chilcote won the game 1v0 and progressed to the final. 

In the final Chilcote played against Meadow Green. They dominated the game and had ten chances to score but the Meadow Green goalkeeper managed to stop and save everything they threw at him. The game went to extra time and neither team managed to find a break through. The match went to penalties. Chilcote scored their first and so did Meadow Green. Both teams then scored their second penalty. Chilcote scored their third but Meadow Green missed theirs with Benjy saving the shot. So Chilcote won the final and progress to the Birmingham wide competition.

Well done to both teams who did really well and represented the school superbly!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Year 5 and 6 Mixed Tennis Tournament

On Wednesday 14th March, four children from Chilcote represented the school at a mixed tennis tournament at Billesley tennis center.

Seven schools entered the tournament and all the schools played each other once. The teams were split into boy 1, boy 2, girl 1 and girl 2. The children then played against the corresponding opponent from the other schools. Each child had the chance to earn 2 points for the team by winning, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. The total points for each team was calculated after all of the matches to give the overall winning team.

Chilcote started off with a game against Yardley Wood and all four children managed to win their individual matches, thus earning 8 points.

Secondly, Chilcote played against Hollywood and won three of the four matches and picked up another six points.

Next, they played against The Oaks and again managed to get maximum points (8).

After that, they played against Grendon and fantastically managed to get 8 points again. After four matches the children had won eleven out of a possible twelve games.

Then, Chilcote had their toughest match of the day so far and unfortunately had a mini wobble. They drew one, lost two and won one of their four matches.

This meant moving into the final game Chilcote had to win more than their opponents, Bells Farm as they were 1 point going into the final match. Fortunately, Chilcote won three and lost only one of their matches.

The final scores for all the schools were:

1) Chilcote 39
2) Bells Farm 36
3) Hall Green 30
4) Yardley Wood 21
5) The Oaks 20
6) Hollywood 12
7) Grendon 9

A massive well done to all of the children involved for a fantastic performance and win!!!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Year 5 and 6 Match Vs Yarnfield

On Monday 12th March the Chilcote boys' football team played their second league match against Yarnfield School. They played at Yarnfield school on their astro-turf pitch.

Chilcote started the game really well and dominated the early exchanges without really testing the keeper too much. Then, with their first attack, Yarnfield broke the deadlock when they got the rebound after a good first save. Chilcote remained on top and should have equalised when they hit the bar but they hit the rebound straight at the goalie. Disaster struck as from the clearance Yarnfield had their second chance and again managed to score. The score was 2v0 at half time.

In the second half Chilcote again started well but just could not finish their chances. Unfortunately, a mistake from the keeper meant Yarnfield took a 3v0 lead. Finally, after that though Chilcote got the luck some of their play deserved and they found their shooting boots. They pulled back not one, but three goals through Ben, Madison and Josh to tie the game at 3v3. They rather ran out of steam at this point and the game became more even. Chilcote still had chances to win the game, but unfortunately Yarnfield managed to grab a winner from a corner. The final score was 4v3 to Yarnfield.

The boys did well and had they found their shooting boots earlier in the game would probably have won it. Well done to all!!!

Year 5 and 6 mixed Tag-Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 7th March 2018 eight children represented Chilcote in a mixed tag-rugby tournament at Kings Heath Boys School.

Four teams entered the competition and it was played as a league format.

Chilcote played against St Josephs first and scored straight from the off. St Josephs then got a 3v1 lead before Chilcote pulled it back to 3v3. After that, St Josephs deservedly went back ahead and won the game 7v3.

In their second game, Chilcote played against Yardley Wood, who had won their first game. In that game Chilcote took the lead and then extended it quite quickly. Yardley Wood did come back into it but Chilcote then went and score two more. The game ended 4v2 to Chilcote.

Finally, Chilcote played against The Oaks and played superbly well. They scored a fair few excellent tries and defended superbly. It was the first game that any team did not concede a try and they won 5v0.

When all the results were in Chilcote had finished in a deserved second place. All the children played really well and represented the school superbly, well done to all!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

World Book Day Guest Speaker and Activities in Year 6!

Poetry Recital in Year 6

As part of the school’s World Book Day celebrations, and to link to the year group's current English topic, the children studied 'tiger' poetry (including William Blake's 'The Tyger' and 'Blake's Tyger - revisited' by Michaela Morgan). 

The pupils then researched different presenting styles and techniques, before practising reciting the poem’s lines off by heart. The year group then performed their poems to an audience.

In order to be successful, the children were encouraged to:

1) Present confidently, with a clear and loud voice

2) Engage with the audience by using eye contact

3) Use appropriate speed and rhythm

4) Use their voice effectively, by being emotive and using good expression.

Poetry Workshop

Year 6 children were also very fortunate in being 'schooled' at performance poetry from Birmingham's current Poet Laureate, Matt Windle (see image below). He shared some excellent poetry, rapped some of his rhymes and explored tips on writing and performance (such as not rushing, and saying things using your accent and dialogue in order to develop 'new' rhymes). The creativity, excitement and learning was palpable!

School Guest Speaker

Matt Windle was an excellent source of inspiration for the whole school. He engaged the children in his rhymes and raps. Please view the a future World Book Day blog (or the Chilcote website) for two of his freestyling poems that he wrote just prior to the whole school morning assembly!

Matt Windle, Birmingham's Poet Laureate
Matt also conducted workshops in Years 5 & 6, as well as completing a question and  answer session with the School Council. Some information we gleamed about Matt was: 

* His favourite poetry devices are...pens, thesauruses and dictionaries!
* How inspired he is actually listening to poetry (and seeing it performed).
* The fact he needs a quiet space and a computer to write verse. 
* How much he loved the recent Carol Ann Duffy poem based on Richard III.

Thank you for reading, and for all the effort put into World Book Day character costumes!

The Year 6 Team. 

World Book Day In Nursery

The children celebrated their first ever World Book Day in their costumes. We had an exciting time dressing up and sharing our costumes with all of our friends. We practised some nursery rhymes and had lots of fun performing them.

World Book Day in Year 2

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Year 2 celebrating World Book Day. It was great to see the children coming into school dressed as their favourite characters and listening to them talk about their favourite books.

During the day we learnt the poem On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan. We added actions and sound effects to our performance to enhance the silliness of this nonsense poem! Year 1 really enjoyed watching our performance, and we loved theirs too!

World Book Day in Reception

We had lots of fun on World Book Day - dressing up, showing each other our costumes and sharing our favourite books.  We practised 'performing' nursery rhymes and then showed each other our work in the afternoon.