Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Year 5 and 6 Sportshall athletics

On Tuesday 26th February twenty children from Years 5 and 6 represented the school in a mixed sportshall athletics tournament at Kings Heath Boys School.

The tournament was between eight different schools: Hollywood; Chilcote; Yardley Wood; The Oaks; Kings Norton; Robin Hood; Allens Croft; Bells Farm.

The children all represented the school in at least one field event and one track event. Some children did two events in each category.

The field events were: vertical jump; standing long jump; standing triple jump; javelin throw; chest push throw; speed bounce.

The track events were: 4 x 1 lap relay; 4 x 2 lap relay; 4 x 1 over/under relay; 6 lap paarluf (split between 4 children.

The children's best distances and times were recorded and they were given 2-16 points based on their position in comparison to the other schools. The total points were then added up to give the school's overall score. The results were as follows:

1) Chilcote 274
2) Kings Norton 246
3) Hollywood 216
4) Bells Farm 188
5) Allens Croft 162
6) Yardley Wood 156
7) The Oaks 154
8) Robin Hood 74

Chilcote finished the tournament in first place. A fantastic achievement by all of the children. Well done to all involved!!!

Year 3 and 4 Mixed Dodgeball tournament

On Tuesday 26th February two teams of children from Chilcote represented the school in a mixed dodgeball competition. The children were split into an A and a B team and played in their own respective league.

Chilcote A played against three other schools: Hollywood; The Oaks; Kings Norton. They played each school twice. They lost one and won one against Kings Norton and they beat Hollywood twice and lost both games to The Oaks. This meant that Chilcote finished in third place overall and took home the bronze medals! All of the children did really well and represented the school excellently.

Chilcote B played against two other schools: Hollywood and The Oaks. They beat Hollywood twice and won and lost one to The Oaks. They were tied for points with the Oaks but lost out on first place on games won. They finished in second and got the silver medals. Again, all of the children represented the school really well and performed brilliantly!

Well done to both teams for excellent performances, behaviour and results!!!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Toys in Year 1

Year 1 have had a great time learning about toys this half term. We have been thinking about the question 'Are our toys better than those from the past?'. Using everything we have learnt over the last few weeks the children have written some fantastic answers to this question. Well done Year 1!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Year 4 E-Safety Day

Year 4 have been a learning a lot about staying safe online. One of the activities for E-Safety was drama where children had to act out a variety of online dilemmas:
An unknown person is wants to join your online private group do you let them join?
You really want to upload a picture of you and your friend, but they don't like the picture, what do you do?
You really would like to download a new, exciting game, do you really need to ask Mom's permission?
It was a great day. Please do ask your child what they have learnt and what they know.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

When the Police Officers visited Nursery.

On Tuesday morning we had some special visitors.   They were John and John, the Police Officers.   They talked to us about keeping safe and told us about the special phone number we need to ring if we have an emergency - 999. John helped Yusuf to put handcuffs on Police Officer John - It was great fun!
We were super lucky because they let us look inside their van and we could also try on some of their hats and coats.   If we could find the button with 999 on it, we could press it and make all the blue lights on the outside of the van flash.   We even looked in the special place they would put really naught people if they had to take them to the Police Station. (Ethan even went in it!).
Thank you John and John for coming to see us.

Safer Internet Day in Nursery

On Friday we had great fun thinking about how we use the internet. 

We decided that we really enjoy watching our favourite games and watching lots of great programmes, both in school and at home.   On Safer Internet Day we spent some time learning how to keep ourselves safe when we are having fun on the internet.   We watched a video about two characters called "Zap" and "Zoom".   They reminded us that it is important to have our parents or a grown-up with us when we are watching or playing and to always ask for their help and advice when things happen in our programme or game that we don't understand. 

To help us remember how important this is, we made a mask and a badge of the two characters.

Year 5 and 6 Mixed Netball match Vs Hollywood

On Monday 11th February the Chiclcote netball team played against Hollywood School in their fourth league game of the season.

Chilcote A played the two quarters. They played really well and in the first quarter scored 4 goals to get a 4v0 lead. In the second quarter they played well again although their finishing was not quite as clinical. They won the quarter 1v0 so therefore won the game 5v0.

Chilcote B played the second two quarters. They did really well too. They went 1v0 down to a fantastic shot from the Hollywood GA but managed to fight their way back into the game and end the quarter at 1v1. They then had an even second quarter but managed to scrape a winner just before the end of the game. They won 2v1.

Well done to all of the children involved on an excellent display of both netball and sportsmanship!!!

Year 6 Boys' HMS Cup game Vs Woodhouse

On Friday 8th February the Chilcote boys’ football team played their first round fixture against Woodhouse school in the HMS cup at Yardley Wood playing fields.

The first half started well for Chilcote and they bossed the early stages. They were rewarded with a goal halfway through the half and so took the lead 1v0. Woodhouse then had their best spell of the match and had a couple of chances, one of which they took to level the game before half time. The score was 1v1 at the break.

In the second half Chilcote played really well and got the goals that their performance deserved. They scored one not long after half time with a great finish following an excellent cross into the box. They then scored another from a one on one situation. Finally they got a fourth after an excellent strike from the edge of the box. The game ended 4v1 to Chilcote and they progress int the next round.

Well done to all of the children involved in the match as it was an outstanding performance!!!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Safer Internet Day in Year 1

Year 1 learned about how important it is to always ask an adult if they can go online and to check which websites/games/apps they can use before they actually switch on their device. 
We also learned about asking questions about things that they may see which they are unsure of or worried about. 
All of Year 1 should be coming home and explaining to you that if they are asked a question online, they must talk to you about it before they do anything.
We all know which of our personal information we can and CANNOT share.
Here are a few examples of some of the activities we did today.

Junior Choir at the festival of Choirs at Solihull school

On Wednesday 6th February, Junior Choir took part in a festival of choirs at Solihull school with 4 other schools. We all sang songs by ourselves then performed a `massed` choir item `Sing` by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
We  performed a song that we had sung at our recent `Young Voices` concert and a round and 2 partner songs that we have learned in the last 3 weeks. We have worked very hard to learn all the new songs in such a short space of time.
We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting the school and singing in the chapel and it was super to hear other choirs sing. We also met up with some of our ex pupils whilst enjoying a delicious lunch and enjoyed meeting some new friends too.
Thank you very much to Mrs Brown and Mr Rice at Solihull school and to Mrs Drew and Mrs Rafter for accompanying us and looking after us throughout the morning.
Thank you also to Mr Haycock and Mr Cross who gave up their time to drive us there and back in the school minibus.

As part of our topic in Reception, we were joined by another real life superhero - a vet! She told us all about her job and how she looks after animals. We asked lots of questions to find out what animals she has looked after. We could not believe that she had looked after a baby tiger at her home! We were also very lucky because another parent brought in three French Bulldog puppies that were only 6 weeks old. We had a cuddle and found out how to look after the puppies. 

RASH enjoyed their superhero day last Friday. We all came to School wearing a real life or a fictional superhero costume. We spoke about our costumes and the character or job role we were dressed as. But, Miss Martin had forgotten to make a Batman cape. The children had been given materials all week to test to see which material is the most waterproof. On Superhero day the children voted that the plastic bag material was the most waterproof. RASH worked together to make a large Batman cape. There was only one thing left to do... TEST IT OUT! 

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Year 5 and 6 Mixed Basketball Tournament

On Tuesday 5th February two teams of Year 6 children entered a mixed basketball tournament at Kings Heath Boys School. The two teams were called Chilcote A and B and were entered into two separate competitions.

Chilcote B played 3 other teams in their competition. In their first game they played Hollywood and lost 4v0. In their second game they played against The Oaks and drew 0v0. Finally, they played against Allens Croft and lost 4v0. The children played really well and represented the school brilliantly. They finished the competition in fourth place.

Chilcote A played against 3 other teams in their group. They started off with a game against Hall Green which they won 6v2. They then played against Hollywood and despite many chances lost the game 6v2. Finally, they played against Bells Farm and in an even game they managed to come out as 6v2 winners.

This meant that they went through to the third and fourth place play off where they played against Kings Norton. The game was quite even although Chilcote had more and better opportunities to score. The game finished 0v0. They then played a golden basket 2 minutes and neither team managed to score in that either. This meant that the two teams contested a sudden death shoot out, which unfortunately Chilcote lost. Still, out of eight schools they managed to finish in fourth place which is a fantastic achievement!

Well done to both teams for their excellent effort and brilliant performance!!!

Friday, 1 February 2019

Year 1 at Cannock Chase Toy Museum

On Tuesday 29th January, Year 1 went on a fantastic trip to Cannock Chase Toy Museum. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots about Victorian toys to help us with our topic.

You can find out all about what we got up to from our super recounts below:

On Tuesday we went to the toilet and got our yellow jackets on and went to the coach.
When we got there we did some morning activities. We had some time to play.
Before lunch we had a Punch and Judy show to see.
At lunch time we had a yummy lunch to eat. For pudding it was chocolate egg dessert.
Next we went to a craft workshop. We got to dance. It was so much fun.
Finally it was home time. We had a good time and went home.
I liked the trip.
By Mohsin

We went to the museum and played with lots of toys.
Next we watched the Punch and Judy show. It was silly and Punch banged his head on the wall.
We had lunch and then we put our lunch boxes in the trolley.
We made some peg dolls that we had to design.
By Nayan

On Tuesday we went to a trip. When we arrived there were old toys and we played with those toys.
After that we watched a Punch and Judy show and it was fun and made us laugh.
I was so hungry that I had my lunch and it was fun eating lunch and it was yummy.
In the afternoon we played with some more old and new toys.
By Batool

On Tuesday we went to school early because we were going on a trip.
We got to play with toys that children would have played with in the past. It was a lot of fun.
Next we saw a Punch and Judy show. It was really funny and it was fun.
At lunchtime we loved the delicious food. It was so good.
In the afternoon we got to dance like toys that children would have in the past.
Finally we went back to school. We had lots of fun it was home time.
By Rhea

On Tuesday we were going on a trip to a museum. I had a long time to get there because there was traffic!
When we got there we could play with beautiful toys from the past. The spinning top is my favourite.
The Punch and Judy show was extremely funny.
At lunch it was really good and yummy. I love lunch.
In the afternoon we could make peg dolls.
When we got to school we were going home. We told our mom and dad about it.
By Mikael

Well done for a super day Year 1!

Heroes in Reception

We have had a busy week in Reception this week with a visit from one of our 'every day heroes' and our dress-up day full of Superheroes!

Huge thanks to Sister Dempsey (Violet's mummy!) for coming in to talk about the role of a nurse, how to keep colds away and what you might expect to happen if you had to go to the doctor or the hospital.  We were able to listen to our hearts with a stethoscope, take our blood pressure and practise bandaging wounds!

In the coming weeks we are hoping to have visits from a vet and the police so we look forward to learning more about our 'everyday' heroes.

Today we have had our Hero dress-up day. We have had a lot of fun showing-off our costumes.  We have been investigating suitable materials to make a superhero costume and decided that plastic and leather are both strong and waterproof but tissue paper wouldn't be much use!

All done superheroing!