Friday, 25 May 2018

Year 5 and 6 Handball Tournament

On Thursday 24th May nine children in Year 6 represented the school in a mixed Handball competition at Kings Heath Boys School.

In total four teams entered the competition, including Chilcote, and each team played each other once. If there was a tie on points at the end of the mini league then the positions would be determined on the head-to-head results between the two tied schools.

In their first match Chilcote played against Kings Norton and took an early setback when conceding from Kings Nortons first attack. However, they rallied and equalised through Madison. They then took the lead through another goal from Madison. Unfortunately, Kings Norton managed to get an equaliser of their own and make it 2v2. Just before the end though Josh had a shot which squirmed through the goalkeepers hands and meant Chilcote won the match 3v2.

In their second game Chilcote struggled against the Oaks. The Oaks dominated the match and really found their shooting hands. Chilcote did take the lead but due to some poor marking ended up losing the match 6v2.

For their final game Chilcote played against Hollywood and recovered from their previous defeat playing their best handball of the day. They made quick passes and took their chances really well. They defended much better too. The game finished 4v1 to Chilcote.

The league finished as follows:

1) Chilcote 6
2) Kings Norton 6
3) The Oaks 4
4) Hollywood 1

Therefore, Chilcote won the tournament courtesy of their win against Kings Norton in the first match. A fantastic achievement, well done to all of the children involved in the tournament!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Summer concerts

On Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd May, we held our annual school summer concerts during which our fantastic musicians performed for their families. 
On Monday, Infant Choir and Junior choir sang a variety of different songs, and our recorder group and our guitarists performed to an enthusiastic audience. 
On Tuesday, our Orchestra, String sextet and brass band all played as well as our violin, viola and cello players who performed solos and in small groups. Our brass solos and groups were performed by cornets, trumpets, french horns and our solo trombonist and solo euphonium player. We also enjoyed lively performances from our dhol druming groups.
Both evenings were a real treat for both audiences and the children performed to a high standard, showing the progress they had all made this year. 
Thank you to all our families who have supported the children in their practice all year.
A big thank you to our dedicated peripatetic music teachers-Miss Hobbs, Mr Fisher, Mr Chamberlain, Mr Singh and Mrs Mulenga who inspire us all each week. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 4 Cross Country Tournament

On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 twelve Year 4 children from Chilcote represented the school in a cross country competition at Walkers Heath Field.

For the competition there was a girls' race and a boys' race. The distance was 600m. Each child was awarded a finishing position and then the four best finishing positions were added together to give a boys score and a girls score.

The girls ran first and did really well. They scored 74 overall from their four best finishers. They finished in 8th, 13th, 24th, 29th, 49th and 50th out of over 70 girls in total.

The boys ran second and did incredible! They scored a very low score of 34. They finished in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 41st. To have four boys in the top 10 out of over 70 boys is a remarkable achievement!

The two totals were then added together to give a school total. The results were as follows:

1) Moseley 107
2) Chilcote 108
3) Hollywood 126
4) Kings Norton 133
5) St Josephs 146
6) Yardley Wood 161
7) Bells Farm 190
8) The Oaks 219

Therefore, Chilcote finished in second position overall. What a fantastic achievement by all of the children in who represented Chilcote in the competition, well done to all!!!

The Circus Came to Chilcote

During our topic, The Circus is Coming to Town, we have learnt lots about circuses, both modern and old. Today we were lucky enough to take part in a fantastic workshop where we learnt lots of different skills used by real circus performers.

We tried out a range of exciting activities such as juggling with scarves and balls, playing with flower sticks, spinning plates and balancing on different things. We even became tightrope walkers!

 At the end of the day we put on a show for each other - it certainly was the greatest show on earth!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Year 4 Super 4s Athletics

On Wednesday 17th May, ten children from Year 4 represented Chilcote in a mixed Super 4s Athletics tournament at Kings Heath Boys’ School.

In total seven teams took part. A team was made up of five boys and five girls. Each child had to do a sprint, a 400m run, a throw and a standing long jump. The best 4 tikes/distances were taken from boys and girls in each team and converted to points to give an overall points score for each school.

The Chilcote boys did particularly well at throwing and the Chilcote girls did really well at the standing long jump. In all fairness all if the athletes did well at all of the events.

When all of the points were calculated the finishing positions for each school were as follows:

1) Chilcote
2) Kings Norton
3) Hollywood
4) Yardley Wood
5) Hollywood B
6) Bells Farm
7) Grendon

As you can see Chilcote finished in first place overall and were 30 points ahead of second place. A fantastic achievement.

A special mention must go to James who managed to finish as the third highest scoring boy in the whole competition!

Well done to all of the children involved as they performed brilliantly!!!

Year 4 Tennis Competition

On Wednesday 2nd May twelve children in Year 4 represented Chilcote at a mixed tennis tournament held at Billesley Tennis Centre.

The children were split into three teams of four (two boys and two girls in each). The boys and girls were numbered boy 1 and boy 2 and girl 1 and girl 2.

Chilcote A and C were in the same group alongside Bells Farm A, The Oaks B, The Oaks D and Hall Green B.

Chilcote B were in a group with Hollywood, The Oaks C, Bells Farm B, The Oaks A and Hall Green A.

Each player played against their corresponding number from the other schools. Each child received 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss for their team. The teams total score was worked out after all the matches were played and this gave a finishing position for each team.

The results were as follows:
Group A
Chilcote B 26
The Oaks A 26
Hall Green A 25
Bells Farm B 20
Hollywood 16
The Oaks C 7

Group B
Chilcote A 37
Bells Farm A 26
Hall Green B 21
The Oaks D 17
Chilcote C 12
The Oaks B 7

For their final matches the teams played against the team that finished in the same position in the other group. So this meant Chilcote A played against  Chilcote B in the final of the competition. Chilcote C played against Hollywood.

Chilcote C finished in 9th place overall. Chilcote A won the final and finished in 1st place. Chilcote B lost the final but still finished in 2nd place overall.

A tremendous performance by all of the children! Well done to all!!!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Junior Choir at Oak Tree Court

Junior Choir had a lovely afternoon today, performing to the residents at Oak Tree Court residential home. We sang all the songs we have been working on over the last 2 months and everyone concentrated very well and sang beautifully.
We were made very welcome and the residents were a very appreciative audience. We enjoyed chatting to them afterwards whilst we enjoyed refreshments and they very generously gave us chocolate bars and some of us won a raffle prize too!
Thank you  very much to Mary at Oak Tree court for her help with organising the afternoon and also to Mrs Rafter and Mr Davies for coming with us. We appreciate their help very much.
Well done Junior Choir - you did a great job today and made Chilcote very proud of you.