Friday, 27 January 2017

Crash Year 5 Science

This week in science we investigated how gravity and air resistance affects the planet and us.

Firstly, we learned about the incredible Isaac Newton and his discoveries – such as why gravity pulled an apple down, instead of up or sideways, after it fell from the tree. He said that gravity was a drawing power (it also pulls the moon to Earth!).

After that, we planned an investigation into air resistance. We all made a parachute out of a bin bag, a cup, tape and blu tack. Then Miss Fisher dropped them out the window! Each parachute had a slightly different area (e.g. 30x26cm or 30x14cm), but we didn’t change any other variables (as this would have not made it a fair test).

In 5 Poplar, the 30x30cm parachute (the biggest one) took the longest to hit the ground - it took 10 seconds. Whereas the smallest parachute (30x14cm) took the shortest time to land - it took only 2 seconds to crash!

We conducted this experiment to test whether the bigger the object, the slower it falls. The main reason why the 30x30cm parachute took the longest time to land is because more air resistance acted upon it, so the effect of gravity was less. 

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Ben and Josh
Year 5.
Madison (left) is sad because his small parachute quickly crash landed
whilst Josh's larger parachute seemed to glide to the ground!

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