Thursday, 1 March 2018

World Book Day Guest Speaker and Activities in Year 6!

Poetry Recital in Year 6

As part of the school’s World Book Day celebrations, and to link to the year group's current English topic, the children studied 'tiger' poetry (including William Blake's 'The Tyger' and 'Blake's Tyger - revisited' by Michaela Morgan). 

The pupils then researched different presenting styles and techniques, before practising reciting the poem’s lines off by heart. The year group then performed their poems to an audience.

In order to be successful, the children were encouraged to:

1) Present confidently, with a clear and loud voice

2) Engage with the audience by using eye contact

3) Use appropriate speed and rhythm

4) Use their voice effectively, by being emotive and using good expression.

Poetry Workshop

Year 6 children were also very fortunate in being 'schooled' at performance poetry from Birmingham's current Poet Laureate, Matt Windle (see image below). He shared some excellent poetry, rapped some of his rhymes and explored tips on writing and performance (such as not rushing, and saying things using your accent and dialogue in order to develop 'new' rhymes). The creativity, excitement and learning was palpable!

School Guest Speaker

Matt Windle was an excellent source of inspiration for the whole school. He engaged the children in his rhymes and raps. Please view the a future World Book Day blog (or the Chilcote website) for two of his freestyling poems that he wrote just prior to the whole school morning assembly!

Matt Windle, Birmingham's Poet Laureate
Matt also conducted workshops in Years 5 & 6, as well as completing a question and  answer session with the School Council. Some information we gleamed about Matt was: 

* His favourite poetry devices are...pens, thesauruses and dictionaries!
* How inspired he is actually listening to poetry (and seeing it performed).
* The fact he needs a quiet space and a computer to write verse. 
* How much he loved the recent Carol Ann Duffy poem based on Richard III.

Thank you for reading, and for all the effort put into World Book Day character costumes!

The Year 6 Team. 

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