Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Year 4 Mixed Hockey Tournament

On Friday 20th April 2018, two teams of four children represented Chilcote at a mixed hockey tournament at Hollywood primary school.

There were six teams in total: Chilcote A, Chilcote B, Hollywood, Chad Vale, Bells Farm and Raddlebarn. The teams played a round robing league format and played each other once.

Chilcote A started off with two successive 1v1 draws against Hollywood and Chad Vale. They then lost 1v0 to Bells Farm and lost 2v1 to Raddlebarn. They then won their final game against Chilcote B 1v0 to finish in fourth place in the competition.

Chilcote B started off with a 1v0 loss to Chad Vale and then another 1v0 loss to Hollywood. They then got a 1v1 draw against Bells Farm and a 0v0 draw against Raddlebarn. Finally, they lost 1v0 to Chilcote A to finish in 5th position overall.

The final results were:

Chad Vale
Bells Farm
Chilcote A
Chilcote B

Well done to all of the children involved for a fantastic performance!

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