Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 4 Cross Country Tournament

On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 twelve Year 4 children from Chilcote represented the school in a cross country competition at Walkers Heath Field.

For the competition there was a girls' race and a boys' race. The distance was 600m. Each child was awarded a finishing position and then the four best finishing positions were added together to give a boys score and a girls score.

The girls ran first and did really well. They scored 74 overall from their four best finishers. They finished in 8th, 13th, 24th, 29th, 49th and 50th out of over 70 girls in total.

The boys ran second and did incredible! They scored a very low score of 34. They finished in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 41st. To have four boys in the top 10 out of over 70 boys is a remarkable achievement!

The two totals were then added together to give a school total. The results were as follows:

1) Moseley 107
2) Chilcote 108
3) Hollywood 126
4) Kings Norton 133
5) St Josephs 146
6) Yardley Wood 161
7) Bells Farm 190
8) The Oaks 219

Therefore, Chilcote finished in second position overall. What a fantastic achievement by all of the children in who represented Chilcote in the competition, well done to all!!!

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