Thursday, 14 June 2018

Year 1's Trip to Brueton Park

On Wednesday Year 1 had an amazing day in Brueton Park, Solihull.   We spent the day exploring the Nature Centre, looking for insects, pond dipping, finding out what it might be like to be a squirrel, doing a maths lesson using sticks and leaves and most exciting of all rescuing froglets from the path near the pond and putting them in a safer place.

We all worked really hard and were very hungry when it was lunch time.
We pretended that we were squirrels and hid an acorn ready for winter.

We found out what it might be like to be a squirrel or a bird looking up at the trees.
Our friends had to guide us to keep us safe.

A froglet

Wild Maths.
We collected leaves and sorted them to find out which colour was most common. 

We were VERY hungry!

Bug hunting. Look what I found!
We went pond dipping and found...

... a newt.

We had a great day and were all really tired when we got back to school.

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