Monday, 8 October 2018

Yardley Wood Vs Chilcote (Y5 and 6 Mixed Netball)

On Thursday 4th October 2018 the Chilcote mixed netball team had their first fixture against Yardley Wood.

Chilcote took two teams and played an A and a B fixture against Yardley Wood’s A and B team.

Chilcote’s A team played very well and were clinical with the ball scoring lots of their chances. They took a commanding 6v0 lead at the half time stage. In the final two thirds they continued to dominate and scored some more chances. The game ended 11v1 to Chilcote.

The B team started well in their fixture too. They took an early lead and then continued to dominate. By the half way stage they were 4v0 up - a massive achievement considering this was the first game of netball for most of the team. In the final two quarters they continued to play well but a combination of poorer finishing and a better Yardley Wood performance stopped them from scoring any more goals. The game ended 4v0 to Chilcote.

Well done to all of the children involved as both teams performed really well!!!

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