Thursday, 11 April 2019

Year 5 and 6 Mixed Netball Tournament

On Wednesday 10th April 2019, eight children represented Chilcote at a mixed netball tournament held at Kings Heath Boys' School.

In total, nine teams entered the tournament and were split into two groups. Everybody in the group played each other once. The winners from each group went through to a final and the second place team in each group went through to a third and fourth place play-off.

Chilcote were in a group with Hollywood, The Oaks and Grendon. They started their campaign against Hollywood. The game was close with Chilcote having slightly more chances to score. They took a lead but then couldn't capitalise on the lead and conceded an equaliser late on in the match. With the clock ticking down and the match looking like it would be drawn Chilcote put away their last chance of the match with virtually the last throw of the match to win 2v1.

In their second game, Chilcote played against the Oaks. They dominated the ball and the chances. Unfortunately, the missed a few chances but did manage to take an early lead. They continued to be the better team and went on to score two more goals later in the match to make the final score 3v0.

In their final group game, Chilcote played against Grendon and played their best netball of the night. The GA and GS really had their shooting hands with them in this game and Chilcote took many of their chances. They raced into the lead and were then relentless in creating and scoring chances. They ended up winning the match 9v0. Therefore, they qualified for the final as winners of their group.

In the final, Chilcote played against Cotteridge, who had been unbeaten in their group. It was a tough game and Cotteridge scored from their first attack. Chilcote tried their best but just couldn't create opportunities as the Cotteridge defence was too tough. The final score was 4v0 to Cotteridge.

Second place overall is a fantastic achievement! Well done to all of the children involved!!! 

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