Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Year 2: Mathematics Inspire Workshop - Times Tables

Many thanks to all the parents who attended our Inspire Workshop on Times Tables today. For all those we know that wanted to come, but couldn't, here's a video with some ideas to support your child at home. Also, there are links below to the apps we referred to. You'll need to search for Android versions.


Here's the 12 x 12 grid you asked for, so you can print off and practise at home.

Just right-click and Save As, or click and drag the picture onto your desktop.

Here are the apps you wanted to know about . . .

DK 10 minute maths: FREE

Squeebles: £2.49

Puffin Academy for MyMaths on iPads: FREE

Math Bingo: FREE

For those needing a little extra support, these are expensive but extremely effective:

Maths, 4-6: In-app purchases

Maths Practise: 2s, 5s and 10s: £3.99


  1. Mrs James / Mr Setchell,

    Thank you - This is greatly appreciated for parents like us that were unable to attend, unfortunately.

    Kind regards,

    Jay Devlia

  2. Thanks for your feedback and to all the other parents who said they have found this useful. You can find more maths videos we've posted by clicking on the 'Video lessons' tag on the right hand side.

    Mr Setchell