Friday, 31 March 2017

Buried History Day

On Thursday 30th March the children in year 5 were treated to a 'Buried History Day'. The day was done in order to develop their knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons and the Anglo-Saxon way of life.

The session started with the two actors coming into the classroom to set the scene with the children. Then, they disappeared to the hall and the children followed excitedly.

Upon entering the hall the children were greeted with artefacts and objects from Anglo-Saxon times.

They were also met by an Anglo-Saxon goldsmith. She showed the children various jobs that a goldsmith would have to do and allowed some of the children to try her jobs and wears on.

Throughout the session, the actors wove in stories from Anglo-Saxon times and got the children to help them act the stories out. The main thing the children learnt about throughout the day was the story of the Staffordshire hoard.

The Staffordshire hoard was a large amount of Anglo-Saxon weaponry and armour made from some of the most valuable metals that was buried in a filed. A member of the public came across the hoard (the largest find of its kind in Europe) whilst using their metal detector in a farmer's field.

Archaeologists and professors alike have no idea why the hoard was buried where it was nor do they know why it was left their, deliberately damaged by the side of a road. After their session, the children wrote down their theories as to why the hoard was buried and left to send to 'Doctor Duffy' who is interested to hear their thoughts on the matter.

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