Friday, 28 April 2017

Reception`s amazing dinosaurs and our Open hour for parents

Thank you to all of our Reception parents who came into school on Wednesday 26th April for our Open Hour session. 
Our focus was Phonics and we aimed to demonstrate a variety of ways in which children can learn - both suitable for using at school or at home.
  Firstly the children showed their parents how we practise `Dough Disco` to improve our fine motor control and we demonstrated a typical daily Phonics session where we practised saying and writing some of our Phase 2 and 3 sounds as well as singing their related song and performing their related action. We practised saying some of our tricky words using silly voices and then challenged ourselves and our parents to think of words beginning with `w`- many thanks to the brave parents who joined in!  Following that we sounded out, read and wrote words beginning with `w` and ended by reading sentences with `w` words and other tricky words. 
We then tried out a variety of phonics and fine motor activities around the classrooms- listed below for you to try out at home.

reading words and matching them to a picture
reading words and matching them to a picture- both are attached to a lock or a key, then use the key to unlock the matching lock
reading sentences and matching them to a picture
identifying a picture and matching it to it`s beginning sound ( written on a clothes peg)
using a play dough  `sausage` to make letters
hunting for coins in the sand- reading the words on the coins and sorting the words into `real `or `made up` words
putting letters into alphabetical order
saying words, making them with magnetic letters then writing them down 
writing phase 3/ high frequency words into our Busy Books and making sentences with them
Buried Treasure game- reading 'real' and 'made up' words on coins and sorting them into the treasure chest or the bin
exploring the Letter-join website on our class iPads 
fishing for phonemes in oats
sentence building with the wooden blocks- reading the word on each block and rearranging blocks to unscramble the sentence
using a phoneme frame, write the phase 3 word to match the picture
writing our high frequency words on tinfoil 
letter formation practise with the magnetic blocks 

Please try the `dough disco`, `jolly phonics`, `letterjoin` and `phonicsplay`activities at home- using the following website links
Youtube- search for `dough disco`
Youtube- search for `jolly phonics songs in correct order`
                                 - click on `free phonics play` button

We also all enjoyed showing our families the fantastic dinosaurs that the children had made at home during the holidays. The children have all shown them, named them and described them using the names of 3D shapes. Well done Reception! We are so proud of your hard work !

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