Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Year 3's Rainforest Adventure

Last Friday, Year Three went on a very exciting trip to Birmingham's Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston. The excitement began when we found out we were travelling on a double decker bus!

Once we arrived at the gardens we took part in a fantastic lesson with Ruth, who taught us lots about the rainforests. We played some Guess What games, learnt about different products that come from rainforest areas and even got to meet some inhabitants of these tropical places. Check us out holding Brian the snail, Toffee the snake and Twiglet the stick insect!

As well as our great lesson we were able to explore the hot houses, which felt like being in a real rainforest. Those of us who wear glasses found that we couldn't see much at first, due to the humid conditions. To get ready for our art project we sketched the plants we saw, just like Henri Rousseau did in Paris' Botanical Gardens.

Whilst all of these activities were very interesting, the highlights of our day were definitely playing on the gigantic play area and being allowed to run up and roll down the very big hill!

We all had a super day at the Botanical Gardens and can't wait to create our rainforest art projects based upon what we saw.

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