Thursday, 15 February 2018

Chilcote String Group at the Music Service Chamber concert

On the evening of Wednesday 14th February, Chilcote String group (formerly quartet -which has grown to 6 members) took part in a Music Service Chamber concert  at the Ladywood Arc.
They listened to a variety of other groups from other Birmingham schools first, then performed 2 pieces, accompanied by Miss Hobbs- our strings teacher.
They all performed confidently and at a very high standard and we were very proud of them all.
Thank you to you all for all your hard work, you have given up a lot of lunchtimes to practise and worked well as a team, thank you very much also to Miss Hobbs for all her enthusiasm and support in helping you all to progress so well.
Thank you also to all your parents who have supported your practice and brought you to the concert- in very heavy traffic.

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