Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Some special visitors in Year 2 ...

Wow! What an exciting week Year Two have had. On Monday we were joined by the very adorable Patrick the hamster.

We had great fun watching him shuffling around his cage and burrowing under his bedding. We asked super questions and found out lots of information all about hamsters so that we could do a piece of non-fiction writing. Did you know that Patrick is a Winter White breed of hamster? We were very lucky as we were able to stroke Patrick gently and feel how soft his fur is.

The excitement continued today when Jake the snake, who usually lives at Mrs Rafter's house, visited our classroom.

Jake is a corn snake and he is very friendly. We really liked feeling his soft, smooth skin and watching him coil around.

We asked lots of great questions to find out about Jake's diet and habitat. We are now going to use all of our information to write a non-fiction text about corn snakes and, if we try our very best with our writing, Mrs Rafter is going to make a book of our work to take home and show Jake.

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