Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Safer Internet Day in Year 5

On Friday 3rd February, we took part in ‘Safer Internet Day’, although the national day is on Tuesday 6th February. We really enjoyed some activities such as making posters and having discussion sessions.
Firstly, we had lessons which were different for each year group. Throughout the school we learnt about the dangers and about the positive uses of the internet.  In Year 5, we talked about social media websites, apps and online games as part of our work. Also, in the afternoon we had an assembly about internet safety. We continued to talk about different online games and websites which are potentially dangerous. We talked about the potential dangers of these but also how we can make sure we use them for positive things.
We already know so much about internet safety but with the help our teachers, we learnt a lot more. One of the most important things that we learnt was what to do if we find ourselves in danger online or if something just doesn’t feel right.
Here are a few tips for staying safe online:
1.           Speak to an adult at home about what you do online.
2.           If you are in danger online, you should speak to an adult you trust or report it through the CEOP report button on the Pupil Page on the school website.
3.           Check your privacy settings on social media.
4.           Always ask before you share images of photos of other people.

By Lilly and Ava 
5 Birch

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