Friday, 3 February 2017

Safer Internet Day: Year 6

Today we have been learning about how we can be responsible users of technology. In particular, Year 6 have focused on risks, what is appropriate to share online and how to spot when we might be at risk of being manipulated.

We watched a series of animations that followed three characters and discussed how they could have made better decisions when using the internet. We discussed how important it is to remain safe online by making sure that we only talk to people that we know in ‘real life’. We devised role-plays to explain and show the different ways that people can be manipulated and we also developed a list of top tips for staying safe online.

Year 6’s Online Safety Top Tips:
1) Keep private information to yourself – don’t share it.
2) Only share things with your friends and people you know in real life.
3) Don't trust anyone that you do not know.
4) Block things you don't like.
5) Think before you say or type.
6) Tell an adult you trust if you see something you do not like.
7) Be responsible and get permission to share photographs of others.
8) Recognise your body’s warning signs and act on them.

We enjoyed our day and feel better equipped to stay safe online.

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