Friday, 3 February 2017

Year 2 Safer Internet Day.

Year 2 had a brilliant day learning about how to keep safe and how to behave online!

Here are our top tips:

1.       Remember that people who you do not know online are strangers
2.       Always be kind and polite online, just like you would be in the playground
3.       Always keep personal information secret, such as where you live, which school you go to and how you get there
4.       If you feel worried about anything online, always tell an adult that you trust.

Today we played a game where we invented characters, and then did some acting! Other characters tried to persuade us to tell them our personal details and we had to choose what was safe information to share, and what we should keep private.

We also made treasure boxes. In these boxes we put positive behaviours for being online on our computers, or offline in our daily lives.

We did lots of learning and had great fun!

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