Wednesday, 29 April 2015

St George's Day - Year 6

St George’s Day!

The 24th of April is the fantastic St. George’s Day where we celebrate the life of England’s patron saint. We celebrate his life because of how he stood up for what he believed in, even when the consequence was death! Many years ago George was a Roman soldier and he was a Christian, and when he was ordered to kill other people of the same faith he refused (he bravely stood up for what he believed in).

There are many other stories about Saint George, however, this one is the most factual; a more mythical tale about him would be the story of him killing a dragon! I’m not sure how true this is though…

In Year 6 we celebrated this day by being taught Morris Dancing by actual Morris Dancers. This is a traditional dance believed to be brought back from Spain by John of Jaunt (the second son of Edward III) where he was fighting. However, no one knows for certain the origins of Morris Dancing, and there are many other beliefs about where it came from!
We really enjoyed learning the dance and then the whole school enjoyed watching the dancers complete even more complicated routines!

Another way we celebrated the day was by designing St. George shields (which we decorated and added facts). Please see some examples of these below.

We enjoyed this day very much!

Amy, Year 6 Spokesperson!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Year 6. What would you stand up and protect?