Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Year 2 Science: Animals in Hands

To start our new topic, ‘Earth – our home’ we had an exciting, informative and inspiring visit from Mo at Animals in Hands. We shared our knowledge about the animals and their habitats and learned interesting things . . .

Rocky the Giant Cockroach can survive for two days without his head

Sandy the Namibian Gecko can grow his tail back if a predator bites it off. 
Mr Prickles the Pygmy Hedgehog is a lot smaller than the hedgehogs in this country.
Midnight the Barn Owl can hear a mouse move underneath snow.
Milkshake the Milk Snake – Mo explained he was safe to handle
because he was red and black, not red and yellow (which can kill a fellow!)

Vanessa the Pink Toed Tarantula can live for 30 years,
but males can only live for around five years.

Trevor the Australian Cane Toad is Australia’s top predator.

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